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DIN 17175 St52.8 Boiler Tubes Brief Description

DIN 17175 St52.8 tube is heat-resistant steel tubes which are used in the construction of boilers, pipe-lines, pressure vessels and equipment for service up to 600℃ and at simultaneous high pressures, where the total stress and the relevant scaling conditions can raise or lower the temperature limit.
The “St” means a general structural carbon steel (that is, plain carbon rather than low alloy) which is not intended to be heat treated (that is, other than the heat treatment which naturally occurs during cool-down from the hot-rolling operation).
DIN 17175 St52.8 seamless boiler tube is widely used in boiler industry, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, medicine, machinery, paper, heat preservation, refrigeration, mechanical equipment, food, electricity, water, construction, aviation, aerospace, marine, shipbuilding, environmental protection and boiler heat exchangers.
St52.8 seamless tube is specially used as heating surface pipe in low and medium pressure boilers (The working pressure is not higher than 5.88 Mpa and the working temperature is below 450℃.). This seamless boiler pipe can also be used as heating surface pipe, economizer, superheater, reheater and petrochemical industrial pipe for high-pressure boilers (The working pressure is above 9.8 Mpa in general and the working temperature is between 450℃ to 650℃. ).
DIN 17175 St52.8 boiler pipes and tubes are used in boiler installations, high-pressure pipelines and tank construction and special machinery for both high temperature and high-pressure devices.